Brochure Design and Creation

We are experts in creating well-designed, written and produced brochures to promote your products, services or simply to explain your business. We can manage the whole project including the imagery, written word through to printing or we can use our editorial team to bring your content together.

Brochure Design and Creation – Example

The completed brochure for Belmont Lesuire. The customer required marketing material that not only explained their “motorhome share” product and services but also built the dream around the lifestyle and adventures that could be lived when one owned a share in a motorhome.

From the customer’s requirements and specifications, our in-house team designed the brochure, wrote the copy, sourced the images, created the graphic design and imagery, proofread the content and delivered a brochure that not only met and exceeded the customers expectations – but has been instrumental in growing their customer base and increasing revenue for their business.

Brochure Design and Creation – the Process

When your customer holds your brochure in their hands it needs to have the feel and look of your brand and business. The design and content need to perfectly mirror the expectations of the customer. The brochure design process is not only different for every customer, but for every brochure project. A brochure to sell a product will need to look and feel completely different from an instructional brochure or booklet or technical sheet – even for the same product.

A brochure should a work of art, create a talking point and make a statement.

The creative team in our design studio love the challenge and diversity of each new project. They genuinely take pride in taking a clients idea and creating a finished brochure that is compelling, relevant to the business and most importantly generates interest and sales.

The process begins by understanding the objectives of having the brochure, the target audience and the actions you would like the customer to take and the outcome of that action.

Then can the design, copy and graphics be created to succinctly, and in line with your brand, take the reader through the journey to take the next steps or action you require.

Brochure Design and Creation in a Digital Age

Brochures are no longer just a magazine with facts and an image, much like the travel agents brochures in the last Millennium. Beautiful brochures that are designed to capture the imagination are used by high-end manufacturers and brands. If your product is built around a brand or identity then one of the most important sales tools your company can produce is a well-designed brochure. Not only have brochures survived the digital age – they compliment it perfectly.

By utilising the creativity and experience of the Bamsh design team you also have graphics designs and creatives that are in-house teams can use to create web pages, lead pages, Adwords landing pages, digital online brochures, social media marketing banners and campaigns, marketing videos and internal sales videos – consistent branding and sales message through one marketing agency.

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