Business Start Up Myths – Top 5 Myths Crushed

Starting a new business does not need to be expensive.  We crush the top 5 business start up myths. Start your business with an online presence with either a website or e-commerce site and expand at a sensible rate.

Business Start Up Myths – It is expensive to get going.

No it is not.  A decent web designer will build a website for a few hundred pounds.  A good e-commerce website about a thousand pounds.

Business Start Up Myths – E-commerce is for the ‘techies’

No it is not. Setting up a website is as easy as uploading an image and writing a few words about your product.

Business Start Up Myths – Getting traffic is difficult

No it is not. A good website, that is mobile optimised, will get traffic – especially from your local market place. Local search engine optimisation courses can show you how to get your websites ranking well in search engines like Google.

Business Start Up Myths – Accepting Payments Is Difficult

No it is not. Online e-commerce sites normally incorporate payments from Paypal – which is easy to use, although can be seen by some as quite expensive to process payments.

If you have a mobile phone there are systems that plug in to you iPhone and most other ‘smart phones’ to turn your phone in to a card reader.  These are cheap to buy, cheap to process payments (about 1.5%) and you can take them anywhere.  The system we prefer is called Sum Up which has all the benefits mentioned but also allows you to text customers payment requests when they are not with you.

Business Start Up Myths – Making a profit is tough

No it is not. If you have sourced your products well, and set the sale price at a reasonable level (and are willing to change either) you can make a profit.

Knowing your target market and where they find your products online is the first simple step to getting buyers to your website. What search terms they use in what search engines.  Which keywords are ‘research words’ and which are ‘buying words’ a local seo consultant can help you find this profitable traffic.

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