We already had an established business but wanted to build our web presence to gain new customers. With all these things they take time, but we were confident we were in safe hands. Martyn, who is a wizard in his field, and the team who are absolutely brilliant.


We are now seeing the results and are extremely pleased with how things are going.

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We will make it easy to find your services and get more visitors to your company website for more search terms

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Affiliate & White Label SEO Services UK

SEO Affiliate Scheme – Brief Description

If you have clients that are looking for a reliable SEO service in the UK, then Bamsh Digital Marketing are the answer. What is more we will handle the whole process of setting up and delivering the search engine optimisation service for your customer – and pay you every month the lead remains a client – FOR LIFE! To find out more about our ‘SEO Services Affiliate Scheme in the UK’ please telephone 0333 900 3322 and ask for Martyn.

SEO Affiliate Scheme – Full Description

You Have An Opportunity

You have an opportunity. You have a client, customer or prospect that you have contact with for other services or products. They mention to you that they need someone to improve their website or how it is found on Google. Helping them with this ‘problem’ may help your business relationship, help you sell your product or services or be a natural cross-sell for you.

You Have A Challenge

The challenge you face is finding a reputable company to help your contact. One that delivers an excellent service, has many satisfied customers and will reward you for your introduction.

We Have An Opportunity

We have an opportunity. We work with all sizes of businesses, in all market sectors, throughout the UK. We have a proven track record in delivering an excellent search engine optimisation (SEO) service. Once a customer is with us – we keep them. 99% of our business comes from ‘word of mouth’ referrals.

We Have A Challenge

Most businesses in the UK will receive dozens of emails every week offering SEO services. These emails are usually from India, offering a SEO services for a few hundred dollars. These emails are usually poorly written, in pigeon English. Business owners receiving these emails, if asked, would think that SEO is a ‘cheap service without benefits’. The only thing more annoying than these emails are the phone calls from India offering similar services. Our SEO team spend all their working hours providing the SEO services. We do not outbound call prospects, nor do we email businesses, we do not employ salespeople. We sell our services through ‘word of mouth referral’. These are the best customers for us as they already appreciate the services we offer and the results we deliver. Teaming up with Bamsh Digital Marketing as an ‘affiliate’ allows us to have a world-wide sales team, you to earn extra commission and your customers enjoys the benefits of a website that works better in search engines like Google.

Examples Of Current SEO Affiliates

Our main source of new SEO business comes from referrals. We provide full training and ‘point of sales’ material (if appropriate) to introduce our services. We offer a high commission rate and pay out every month the customer remains with us allowing you to build a sizeable income from only a handful of referrals. We can work with any company, in any ‘English speaking’ Country and so anyone could become an Affiliate with us.  Here are a few examples of current Affiliates:

Sales People

Most of the affiliates of our SEO service that work with us are sales people. They have customers they contact on a daily basis, yet most only have a small portfolio of products or services they can sell to customers and earn a commission from. Introducing our search engine optimisation service to their customers can build stronger relationships and help cross-sell their own products. We provide COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY – no one need know that you are offering our services or taking a sizeable commission. In essence we can work with any ‘business to business’ Salesperson. Examples of current Sale People we are working with:

Traditional Advertising – we have salespeople that sell paper directory advertising and online directory advertising that also sell our SEO services. It is a natural match to their products and ensures that the customers uses them for all of their advertising needs.

Google Adwords Sales People – we have salespeople that work for companies providing PPC management to customers. Our SEO services are perfect for enhancing the effectiveness of those paid advertising programmes and ensure the Salesperson enjoys the benefit of all of the customers online spend.

Credit Card Machines Sales People – we have an army of Salespeople who provide credit card machines to businesses. They are out everyday talking with all sizes of businesses. Saving them money on their credit card fees. Some may be discussing and selling online portals to take payments. Nearly always both of these discussions include traffic and sales on a website – the perfect opportunity to introduce our services and improve online and retail sales. As our commission rate is high – they can earn more from selling our services than they can the credit card machine and we pay commission on that customer every month.

Financial Services Advisors – we have a few ‘Independent Financial Advisors’ or IFA’s that offer our services. This didn’t seem a natural fit until one of IFA customers started to introduce our services when asked why their own website was performing well in search engine results. Many IFA provide financial services in terms of SIPS, Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) service and commercial mortgages and are speaking directly to business owners. Offering our services as a possible way to increase sales or provide website services to ensure continuity of custom during a move.

Telecommunications Sales People – when discussing telephone systems and commercial broadband is a natural step to discuss a businesses website and how it is performing.

Retail Salespeople – regardless of the products or services you are offering retail business owners, your conversation and aim is normally to help retailers sell more products. Our SEO services are a perfect match as we improve the retailers website to increase footfall and / or online sales. Increasing sales in the business and increasing the products they need to stock from you.

Web Designers

Web design and SEO are two very different skills. We do not build websites and most web designers know a little, but not much, about SEO. Search engine optimisation is all about improving the confidence Google has in a website and it’s content. The higher the confidence Google has, the better it will rank and the more visitors the website will get. Web design is all about building a ‘beautiful’ or practical website that will convert visitors in to paying customers. Web design and SEO go hand-in-hand. We work with a number of web designers and website building companies as their SEO service. Normally, but not always, we supply our SEO services as “white label” meaning that all of the communication with the customer is done as though we are working directly for the web design agency. The monthly reports sent to the customer are branded as being produced by the web design company – and also cross sell the web design products and services.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies normally provide management services for all of a company's advertising and marketing. This may include traditional advertising such as newspapers, billboards and paper directories. They may provide digital marketing in terms of banner advertising. Our SEO services enable Marketing Agencies to add “another string to their bow” in terms of the services they can offer their customer. SEO works hand-in-hand with online and traditional advertising. By tie-ing together the brand message in advertising with the website marketing we can provide continuity of the customer journey from offline brand or product awareness to online product or service purchase. We currently work with small marketing agencies, that use our services and communication with the customer to appear as though they are a large marketing agency. We also work with large national marketing agencies that sell are services as a department within their large organisation.

Digital Marketing Companies

Digital marketing agencies usually provide services around online advertising. This can include ‘Google Adwords’ or PPC or paid advertising, banner or display advertising, targeting, social media advertising and mobile apps. Our SEO services go hand-in-hand with the offerings of a digital marketing agency. Ensuring the website is as relevant to the paid advertising will improve the ‘relevancy score’ of the landing page and may help to improve the overall quality score of the advertising, which as you know means a lower ‘cost per click’ and increase the ‘clicks’ for the customer’s budgets.

SEO Affiliate Scheme Commissions

We have a set commission structure, so you know exactly what you will earn from each SEO referral. The commission per customer, however, varies according to their size and requirements. Agencies and Affiliates who have more customers with us enjoy a higher commission rate. For every customer you bring to us we pay commission on that customer EVERY month they remain with us. For more details on exactly how much you could enjoy in commissions please telephone us on 0333 900 3322 and ask to speak with Martyn.