UK Directory Listing Service For Businesses

If you are a local business in the UK then directory listings can be a very powerful tool for your business branding, company profile and website search engine optimisation. Bamsh Digital Marketing offer the best directory listing service in the UK.

What are directory listings?

There are 1000’s of websites that list UK businesses. These include local area directories, national directory listings and in-car navigation or “sat nav” listings.

These listings have information on your business, such as

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company telephone number
  • Company email address
  • Business category
  • Business services and/or products
  • Business photographs
  • Description of your business, services and products
  • Company Social Media Profiles

Why are directory listings important?

As well as people using these directories to find a company to buy services or products from – Google uses directories as a source of information on your business.

Google has a number of directories that it trusts to provide information on local businesses.

Being on these directories, and having details of your business listed in a particular way, gives Google more confidence that your business is a bonafide local business. This increase in confidence from Google will improve your website rankings and your companies rankings in Google Maps, or as it is currently named, “Google My Business”.

Having the same, and correct, information about your business is the key to ranking well for local searches.

Your business is likely to have a number of listings  on these directories. If you have never managed such listings – they are likely to have, at best, your information in different formats and, at worst, the incorrect information.

Directory listings – incorrect format

Do a search of Google for your “your company name location” – you will find a number of websites are in the search results. These are directory listings. Having the correct information in the same format is paramount to ranking well.

By the “same format” we mean if your businesses is at “16 The High Street” – you will find listings for:

  • 16 The High Street
  • 16 The High St.
  • 16 High Street
  • 16 High St.
  • The High Street
  • High Street

To the human eye this can make sense, but to Google it is six variations of data. It can be seen as six different addresses.

TIP: If you want your Google Maps Listing to rank well – ensure the correct data is on your Google Plus page and use the EXACT same information, in the EXACT same format on all your directory listings. It will give a MASSIVE boost to your Google Map listings.

Directory listings – incorrect information

If having the correct information for your business is harmful, you can imagine having incorrect information about your business can be crippling.

If your business has ever moved or has more than one branch or changed name or telephone number – then it is likely that all of these changes created new directory listings as well as having the old listings.

To compound this, if you have not managed the listings, you will have different formats of the incorrect information all across the internet. Google could be potentially seeing 100’s if not 1000’s of variations of your business information.

UK Directory Listing Service For Local Businesses

Bamsh Digital Marketing offers a fully manages service of your UK business directory listings. We create the correct information for your business, in a way that will benefit the search engine optimisation of your website, and then slowly release the information to the most influential 500 directory websites in the UK.

The benefits are endless, however the main benefits are:

  • The correct information for your business is issued across the internet
  • The information is in the same format on all websites
  • Your company is listed on the most influential websites in the UK
  • Over 500 high powered links back to your website, increasing the attention and confidence from Google.
  • Old and incorrect listings on these websites will be changed to the correct and properly formatted data.
  • Fully managed service on your behalf
UK Directory Listing Service

UK Directory Listing Manages Services Cost

Our fully managed UK directory listing services are included in every one of our SEO packages.

It is available as a stand-alone service for a small set-up fee of £99, with a low-cost monthly fee of £34.99

This includes listings on all the major, influential directory websites.

In-Car & Sat Nav Listings

Our directory listing managed service now includes placing your business and details on the in-car, “sat navs” and mobile phone maps of:

Tom Tom









Mobile Phone Maps – Android




Land Rover





Mobile Phone Maps – Apple

… and many more

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