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Google Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency

Let Us Help You Get More Leads With Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC)

‘Pay Per Click’, often referred to as “Google Adwords” or “PPC” is the fastest and most targeted way of driving potential customers to your website and leads to your business. The model is simple – you target very specific searches on search engines, like Google and Bing, and display an advert for your product and services at the top of the search results for that search. You only pay when someone who is interested in your product or services ‘clicks’ the advert to get more information or buy from you.

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Proven PPC Practices!

At Bamsh we are absolutely committed to doing things the right way. Our PPC practices have been proven to get results time and again while focusing on quality leads and increased sales and revenue for your business. We work with each client in order to provide tailor-made campaigns that work within their budget and then we work tirelessly to execute that campaign with precision. We have been providing PPC services for years now and always stay on top of the most recent updates and changes to ensure we’re right at the cutting edge. What’s more, we offer complete transparency and communication at every step of the way. We never leave clients in the dark and ensure that you always know precisely what we’re doing to help you get to dominate your market sector and geographical locations.

What Do Good PPC Campaigns Look Like?

When choosing your PPC or Google Adwords management services provider it’s important to be careful who you choose to go with. ‘Pay Per Click’ marketing is a very exact science and when done incorrectly it can cause more harm than good. Managing the campaigns yourself or using an agency without sufficient experience can be a very costly mistake to make. The key thing to remember is that google ads agency Bristol wants users to be able to find the most relevant website, services and products. They reward PPC campaigns that are set-up correctly and get a good response. This is a ‘virtuous circle’ – the more precise your campaigns, the better the response (measured by the percentage of people that click on your advert or “click-through rate” or CTR) , the better your CTR, the less Google will charge you per click and the better position they will give your campaigns. The better the positioning increases the click-through rate. Once established, you will have PPC campaigns that get higher positions, get better responses and paying less per click than the competition. Dominating your market sector.


Why Choose Us As Your PPC Management Company?


You do not want to ‘experiment’ or test and evaluate any potential PPC agency. You want a company with a proven track record in managing PPC campaigns. We only work with Google Premier Partners. A prestigious status which only is given to the best PPC agencies, based on the quality of results they are achieving for their customers, their experience of managing large advertising budgets and their dedication to continuous improvement.

‌‌‌ Multi-Target Approach

Getting potential customers to your website is only the start of the process. People compare prices, get numerous quotes or decide to buy at a later date. They have shown an interest in your product or services and left your website without buying. Whatever the reason a buyer leaves your website you need to track and target them until they make a purchase. Remarketing is an ideal way of targeting these high-opportunity website visitors. Attention-grabbing banners, with engaging messages are displayed to your website visitors as they journey around the internet. Ensuring that your business is only remarketed to people who have shown an interest in your products or services, coupled with displaying the remarketing on relevant websites, drives higher conversions at a lower cost per lead. Display advertising is used to drive awareness of a brand, product or service launch or offer. Your ideal target audience is targeted on relevant websites driving huge volumes of traffic, at a very low cost per click, to your information. Gmail targeting is a relatively new, yet very effective way of targeting the customers for your market sector. If any of your competitors send a quote or information to a potential customer we can target that customer with your banners, right inside their Gmail (or Google mail) account. Allowing the potential to take a customer and revenue straight from the competition. Bamsh have has these approaches in their armoury to drive customers to your business.

Whole of Market Approach

Google may be the most used search engine around the world, but other routes to your potential customers are viable and successful. Bing has 10% of the market share in the UK and even more in the US. However small the opportunity, Bing advertising can be a fantastic way of reaching your potential audience. Usually, there is less competition in the market and the “cost per click” on Bing can be considerably less than on Google meaning you get sales and revenue at a great ‘cost per lead’. Although we are renowned for our Google Adwords management services, we are also “Bing Partners” and manage a substantial number of campaigns on the Microsoft platform.

‌‌‌ Clear PPC Management Costs

Unlike the majority of  PPC management companies, we have clear and precise costs for our pay per click management services. We have low-cost, one-off set-up fees to create and implement the campaigns and dependent on the budget being spent on the campaigns, we have a set management fee as a percentage of spend. All agreed prior to launching the campaigns. This allows you to understand, budget for, and manage the advertising budget effectively.

‌‌‌ Constant Evaluation & Improvement

Creating and launching your pay per click campaign is where most PPC agencies start and end their involvement. Really successful campaigns need constant evaluation and improvement to ensure that leads are being generated at costs that make sense to your business model. Many different factors can have an effect the cost per click for your adverts meaning that you have to react quickly to ensure you are managing costs or seizing opportunities. As an example, a competitor may decide to be aggressive with their bidding to try and improve their positioning, within a few minutes you need to decide whether the impact on your campaign is viable for your marketing strategy and acquisition costs. On the flip side of the coin, a competitor may reduce their cost per click or run out of budget meaning the market is wide open to gain customers at a lower cost. At best, most agencies will analyse and amend campaigns based on data from 24 hours ago. At Digital PPC we utilise the best “bid management systems” to check, analyse the market and adjust campaigns every 30 minutes. Ensuring that your campaigns do not chase leads at costs that do not make sense and that you make the most of every opportunity when your competitors drop out of the race.

‌‌‌ Joined Up Strategy & Clear Communication

Relevant data, meaningful conversations and joined up thinking are what set effective PPC campaign management companies apart from the run-of-the-mill agencies.

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Fully Managed Service

Our services are fully managed. Regular reports and update calls means you can get on with running your business

We already had an established business but wanted to build our web presence to gain new customers. With all these things they take time, but we were confident we were in safe hands. Martyn, who is a wizard in his field, and the team who are absolutely brilliant.
We are now seeing the results and are extremely pleased with how things are going.

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