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Retargeting & Remarketing – Powerful Tools To Increase Conversion Rates

Read below the full information on how to re-target website visitors and how powerful this can be for your business to increase the conversion rate of the visitors of your website to paying customers.

We offer re-targeting and re-marketing through:

  • Push notifications to their computer – with follow up sequenced messages to continue to target them if they have, or have not, clicked on a previous message.
  • Facebook – push notifications (with follow up sequences), Facebook videos and Facebook advertisements
  • Google – Google Adwords or PPC, display advertising and YouTube advertising

As well as well planned and implemented sequential messaging to funnel customers through to a purchase – we offer instant messaging which is hugely powerful at promoting offers and discounts.

We offer a one-time set-up fee followed by low-cost monthly subscriptions to send as many messages and notifications as you like.

Call today and start driving up sales in your business.

Re-targeting Website Visitors To Increase Conversions

As a business owner you spend a lot of time promoting your business and your website. You may spend money on advertising with Google, search engine optimisation and social media marketing – to get potential customers to your website. If you have made that investment in time and money – make the most of it and re-target your website visitors to massively increase the conversions of website visitors to paying customers.

Types of Website Visitors

If you spend any time analysing the Google Analytics for your website you will know that it holds a lot of information regarding the interaction of website visitors with your website. It has the number of visitors, how many sessions (or how many times the number of visitors visited your website), how many pages they viewed, how long they stayed on your website and much more. However, you can categorise your visitors into two groups:

Types of Website Visitors – Bouncers

“Bouncers” are people that visit your website and either leave straight away or stay on that one page and do not visit any other pages on your website. In essence they visited your website and “bounced” off. Google measures this and provides a percentage in your analytics as a “bounce rate”. This highlights to Google how relevant your website was to the search entered in to the search bar. The lower the bounce rate the better and if your bounce rate is above 40%, then your website is not attracting visitors for the correct search terms.

Depending on your business and how your website is structured can impact your bounce rate. If you are a taxi company and people land on your websites home page, there isn’t really much research to consider before making a decision to call you. Most website visitors will see the telephone number on the home page and make the call. This would count as a ‘bounce’. So a “no research required” business is likely to have a higher bounce rate.

If you are a business where customers are likely to make a considered purchase i.e. car dealer, cosmetic surgeon then you would expect website visitors to view more than one page on your website and hence not “bounce”.

Although almost always a good sign, a very low bounce rate can also be an indication that your website needs attention. If your bounce rate indicates that nearly every visitor visits more than one page – can they easily find the information they were looking for or did they have to hunt around your website for the information?

Types of Website Visitors – Voyeurs

Voyeurs are people that tend to read a lot of information on a business or product before making a decision to contact or not contact you. They will often view numerous pages before making their decision. Although they will be positively impacting your bounce rate, they can still be detrimental to how Google views your website. If Google sees that they visited 5 pages of your website and then did not make contact, or even worse, left your website and went to a competitors website – this indicates to Google your website is not as relevant to the search term.

Re-targeting Website Visitors

Regardless if the visitors to your website found what they were looking for on the first page they landed or they viewed multiple pages – on average only 2% of website visitors will interact with your business in making contact or visiting a store. 98% will leave your website and you have likely lost them as a potential customer.

Re-targeting is the process of advertising to the 98% who visited your website and didn’t buy.

Why Re-target Website Visitors?

Consider the journey the customer took to get to your website.

1. They had a need for a product or service

2. They spent time searching Google for a supplier

3. They found your website by using search terms relevant to your products or services

4. They read your information on your website

5. Then they left your website

Why did they leave? On a positive note they may have made a decision to visit you and buy the product. They may have made the decision to telephone you about your services.

However, they could have decided that your prices were to high, they may not have been ready to buy that product or service at that time or perhaps they didn’t have the confidence to buy from you as they haven’t heard of your company before or haven’t seen your brand around the internet.

You spent good time and money to get them in front of your information and re-targeting them allows you to offer discount (if appropriate), put your product or services in front of them time and time again, catching them when they are ready to buy and also builds confidence in your brand as they start to see your company, services and products advertised wherever they look on the internet.

How to Re-target Website Visitors

Re-target to their Computer

Google remarketing retargeting agency BristolWhen you are at your laptop you will often get messages appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. These are normally notifications from your computer or installed software needs updating or can be latest offers.

These are notifications that get your attention.

Once a person has visited your website we can re-target them with messages that appear as notifications at the bottom right-hand corner.

This is called “push notifications” and is the latest development in website re-targeting as is hugely powerful in re-marketing to potential customers. The power to re-target them whilst at their computer.

Re-target to Facebook

There are a number of methods for promoting your business, products or services on Facebook.

Push Notifications – if you use Facebook either now and again or multiple times a day you will normally check your notifications (the icon in the blue bar at the top). If a notification arrives whilst in Facebook the notification is announced with a “dong” that gets your attention. Once a person has visited your website you can ‘push’ notifications to their Facebook with messages and offers about your business – time and time again.

Video – Facebook videos are the most cost effective way of promoting your brand. Putting a video about your business, products or services in the timeline of someone who has already shown an interest in your offerings.

Adverts – putting adverts in a persons newsfeed is less effective than video as it is a static image and text. It is extremely less effective than push notifications which allow you to message the person directly in an area of Facebook where there is very little competition. However, if your adverts are ‘laser targeted’ to a product the website visitor has shown an interest in, they can be effective.

Re-target with Google

Although highly competitive, and unless managed correctly can be an expensive lead generation tool, Google advertising through Google Adwords, pay per click (PPC) and Google Display is an effective method of attracting customers and re-targeting them.

Google Adwords or PPC – allows you to set the search terms (keywords) you target and the cost per click you are willing to pay.  The position of your advert in the Google search results depends on the quality of your advert(s), the page the advert clicks through to and the amount you have bid on the keyword. Get these correct and you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. This creates a list of potential customers that Google then re-target with your adverts.

Google Display Network – adverts that are predominately image based. These adverts are then placed on relevant websites around the internet and prestigious websites that have huge traffic. To work effectively they should be bold and give the person a reason to leave that website and re-visit yours i.e an offer. They are very effective of reminding previous website visitors of your products or services and increasing visibility of your brand.

Getting traffic to your website can be easy – converting that traffic to paying customers is a skilled and time-consuming task. Re-targeting allows you to capitalise on the hard work and increase conversion of website visitors to sales.

If only 2% of your website traffic makes a purchase – what could it do for your business if that was double to 4% or increased to 20%. What if for every website visitor you could sell to them twice and achieve a 200% conversion rate?

For more information on re-targeting the visitors to your website telephone today on 0333 900 3322.

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