The Most Effective SEO Training Courses in the UK

Are you looking for SEO training? We offer 2-day group SEO training courses throughout the UK. This is restricted to small groups of up to 10 people. We find this works best for the trainees.

SEO Training – Who Is It For?

Building a beautiful looking website is something a good ‘Web Designer’ or ‘Website Builder’ can achieve. Building a website that ranks well in search engines, like Google, so that it can be found on page 1 is a different skill set entirely.

Over 90% of UK internet searches are started using the Google search engine. Recent studies show that being in the top half of page one will get a ‘click-through rate’ (people visiting your website from the results page) of over 35%. You can, of course, get a website to the top of Google by buying AdWords or ‘pay per click’ advertising.

This can be complicated and requires in-depth knowledge, or can also be a costly exercise. Also, only 6% of click-throughs from the first page of Google are to these adverts. A well-positioned website in the ‘natural listings’ will enjoy click-throughs to the website over many months, if not years. In other words getting visits to your website is all about “being top of Google” and so you want the websites you build for your customers to be as far up on the 1st page as possible.

Our training courses are suitable for individuals or group who are looking for training to get your website in front of all their potential customers. The training is also suitable for Corporate Website Managers or Marketing teams responsible for driving traffic to the website.

If you have a need to review and improve your business’s website or would benefit from individual training our SEO Consultancy Service may be more appropriate for your requirements.

SEO Training – What will I learn?

Getting a website found on Google is a ‘popularity contest’ not a ‘beauty contest’. The 2-day course will include how to structure a website so that from day 1 of ‘going live’ it is driving the right traffic through to it. You will learn how to rank websites on the 1st page of Google – especially if your customers are looking for products or services within the a local geographical area.

SEO Training – What Are The Benefits?

Getting a website found on Google is a ‘popularity contest’ not a ‘beauty contest’. The 2-day course will cover every aspect of

Structuring a website to be Google Friendly

  • Amending current content of the website so begins to rank in search engines
  • How to research and utilise the search terms (keywords) that people are using to try and locate your products or services
  • What new content to add to your website and how to give it every chance of ranking
  • How to use your website to convert website visitors into paying customers
  • How to measure the success of the search engine optimisation and to identify and take advantage of further opportunities

SEO Training – Where Can I Do It?

We offer training courses throughout the UK at regular intervals in the year.

  • SEO Training London
  • SEO Training Bristol
  • SEO Training Manchester
  • SEO Training Glasgow
  • SEO Training Birmingham
  • SEO Training Exeter

SEO Training By Month If you have a group of 5 or more people we can hold a training course local to you.

SEO Training – What Are The Costs?

The 2-day course includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. This also includes ongoing support for 3 months after the training. To understand if this course is right for you and how you will benefit: Telephone us on 0333 900 3322 or email us SEO Training Email Address

SEO Training Bristol London Edinburgh

SEO Training – Individual Training?

If group training is not for you – we also offer training for individuals. Incorporated into this training is building a website or amending an existing website. Individual training is usually better for ‘corporate website managers’ as the training can be more tailored to the individual or company requirements.

Prices on request.

For more detail please see SEO Consultancy Service

External Article: Wikipedia on Search Engine Optimisation

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