We already had an established business but wanted to build our web presence to gain new customers. With all these things they take time, but we were confident we were in safe hands. Martyn, who is a wizard in his field, and the team who are absolutely brilliant.


We are now seeing the results and are extremely pleased with how things are going.

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We will make it easy to find your services and get more visitors to your company website for more search terms

We will convert the increased business website visitors to enquiries and paying customers

Our services are fully managed. Regular reports and update calls means you can get on with running your business

Social Media AI & Chatbots Management Services

What are chatbots? How do they work? Are they beneficial to businesses? These questions and more are answered as we explain the “Social media AI and chatbot creation and management” services offered by Bamsh Digital Marketing.

Chatbots – Your Virtual Assistant

You have a business Facebook page and it gets messages from clients and potential customers. How much is X? Can I buy Y? All great questions that you want to be asked as a business owner. Ever noticed though, that most of these questions are around the same topic? Ever felt that although it was great to interact with customers, it would be nice to have time away from your business? Ever tried to have 3, 10 or 100 conversations with customers at once? This is where a social media chatbot can help.

A programmed AI chatbot is like a virtual assistant that can answer questions, direct customers to web pages or play a video or book an appointment. They can take a customer along a journey from asking a question through to making a purchase. They work 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and they can handle 1000’s of conversations at a time.

Facebook Chatbot Demo

Try our simple Facebook chatbot

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Chatbot Creation & Management Services

Our process to create chatbots for your business starts at the end of the process. What action do you want your potential customer to make? Do you want them to visit a webpage for further information or to buy a product? Do you want them to telephone you? Or would you prefer a telephone call? Once we know the outcome we wish to achieve, we can work backwards from there.

What questions do potential customers ask before taking the desired action? These are the questions and answers we build into the chatbot.

If there are questions about prices – we can provide the costs. If there is a question around availability – we can build in suitable answers. We provide the information that customers are seeking and lead them to make your desired action – all automated.

Don’t worry, at anytime the customer can request to speak with you or you can jump into a conversation at any time (if you wish).

Our management services constantly look for new questions or queries and create a flow of answers to satisfy them and get people to your desired goal.

LinkedIn Chatbot For Lead Generation

Our LinkedIn chatbot can generate leads for you.

We believe we are one of only a handful of companies in the world that can offer this services and so will not give all of our secrets away, however, we have a chatbot for LinkedIn that connects with people in your target market and has conversations with them, before dropping them a “soft sell”.

This chatbot can handle around 1000 conversations a day.

Chatbot Demo

Try our simple (not AI programmed) website chatbot

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