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Is Social Media Beneficial For Business?

Social Media platforms including Twitter and Facebook are now legitimate places for a company to get qualified prospects. Facebook has more than 38 MILLION proactive and regular users in the united kingdom and the number is anticipated to increase to over 42 MILLION by 2020. Whether or not your company sells to individuals or other corporations, your potential customers are on Facebook and using it often.

Facebook is fantastic at raising awareness during the customers “research” stage, reminding them of your products or services through the “consideration” stage and putting your specific products in front of prospective customers for the “buying” stage. With such a substantial target audience and the versatility to focus on clients through the entire buying process, Facebook may be a very good avenue to obtain sales opportunities and sales and to generate a great return on your investment.

A good digital marketing agency will have a good track record in delivering successful Facebook advertising campaigns. The very best digital marketing businesses can show the conversion rate and price per lead of your social media marketing.

Social media marketing and especially Facebook advertising and marketing can be accomplished as a stand-alone activity but it really works a great deal better when coupled with Search Engine Optimisation and/or PPC. Whenever a possible client visits your website their computer is marked as having visited. This then allows you to target the user of that computer, who’s demonstrated a desire for your products or services.

Our Social Media Management Services

Bamsh Digital Marketing has n skilled and specialist Social Media Management team based in Bristol. Mostly Facebook focused, they have a established track record of obtaining low-cost leads from the social platform. Incorporating broadcast advertising and marketing to targeted demographics to drive traffic towards the website and combing this with re-marketing to website visitors has delivered leads for companies that match, in most cases are better, compared to the cost per lead of other kinds of digital advertising and marketing.

We run Facebook campaigns for text/posts, video and image advertising. We create every one of the “creatives” and manage this process from start to finish.

Combined with the standard measurements, including post engagement, we monitor and can report on the number of leads produced through lead form completion. Providing clear evidence of the cost for each acquisition.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy – Customer Buying Cycle

With you, we analyse the buying cycle of your customer base. This can range from a travel company that, generally, sell you a holiday once a year through to a local sandwich shop that hopes to sell to you five times a week. Your business may provide a service that is used infrequently, such as a removal company or only once, such as a funeral director. Every sale has a customer journey of three stages. 1. Research. 2. Consideration and 3. Purchasing.

We devise a strategy that communicates through social media at each stage of the customer journey.

As an example, a car dealership has two very distinct prime selling points in a year – the new car registrations in March and September. However, they also need to sell new cars throughout the year. They also have used cars targets that need to be met.

We would treat new and used cars as two different products and hence have two different strategies.

Taking new car sales as an example:



social media strategy example

Stage 1: We want to put our car in front of people who are interested in buying a new car.  This is a huge audience who could be interested in buying a BMW, Mercedes, Honda or any other manufacturers car. We find the potential customers who may buy your brand by producing an eye-catching video promoting the brand and place this video on social media through paid advertising. This target audience can be in a geographical area. Everyone who watches over 3-seconds is added to our audience list for the next stage.

Stage 2: We have our semi-interested audience. We now promote you as the local supplier of the brand and further segment those who were interested and those who have an intent to learn more. A series of adverts with messages about the latest models, with a great offer (early-bird discount offers work well here) through to a website landing page. This audience of people who have shown an interest in your brand and have clicked through to the offer form the targeted audience for the next stage.

Stage 3: The customer is still in the consideration stage. A series of advertisements are shown with messages about the offer, why now is the best time to talk with you about ordering or offering a test drive or offering the best deals in the showroom. The aim here is to get them to visit the showroom.

Stage 4: A series of advertisements counting down to the end of the early offers. After the offer has expired, further advertising around “it is not too late to get a great deal”.

Stage 5: A series of advertisements counting down to collecting the “new reg” car.

Stage 6: The new reg cars are released. Social posts of the owner collecting the keys to their new car. Tag the customer in the post. They will share socially.

Stage 7: Post-sale affirmation. Offer the new reg customers something. It doesn’t have to be costly or big. “Free 6-week check” or ” Free car valet”. Cement the sale and build your brand as a dealership that is customer focused.

Stage 8: Goes back to stage 1 for the new registrations in 6-months time.

Talk To Bamsh About Your Social Strategy

When it comes to driving leads and sales through social media, we know what we are doing. Every industry, market sector and client has a different sales process and customer buying cycle. We can work with you to understand the best social strategy for your business, plan the strategy, build the creatives, ads and videos, manage the paid advertising audiences and budget – so you can concentrate on converting the leads to paying customers.

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