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You’re booked! Here are the next steps to get ready for the call:

Hey business owner! Ready to transform your business?

Hi, Martyn Lenthall here again. Please watch the video >>>>>>>>

Please note: Hopefully when you completed the booking form you completed a few pre-meeting questions. That information and the checklist below helps us make the best use of both our time together.

Here’s a quick checklist to think about before our call:
1. Who are your ideal customers?
– Who do you want to be buying your products and services?

2. Where are they located?
– What’s their geographic location? Are they within five miles or 100 miles? Are they in the same country?

3. Why would they buy from you?
– What makes your business stand out to them? What are their reasons for choosing your products or services?

A Few Tips to Prepare:
– Jot down your thoughts: Keep it simple.
– Consider your current customers: Who are they and why do they choose you?
– Think about your business goals: What kind of customers will help you reach those goals?

Nothing too stressful, nothing too scientific—just put some thought into it, please.

I look forward to speaking to you soon. This call will help us tailor our strategies specifically for your business needs, ensuring we can drive real growth and success for you.

Ready to Take the Next Step?
Before our call, please make sure you’ve considered the points above. Your input will be invaluable for our discussion and will help us hit the ground running.

What will be the outcome of our call? . . . our initial call is for us to get to know each other and so we can each assess whether or not it will be a fit. If it looks like it will be a fit for both of us, we’ll schedule a longer complimentary marketing session so that you can understand our services and what we can achieve for you before you commit to being a paying client.

You can’t buy anything on this initial call, so leave your credit card at home